Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make a reservation if I want to visit Banana bar?

A reservation is not required however it is recommended to reserve for groups of 10 people or more. You can only reserve a time before 10pm. If you want to come after 10pm with your group, a reservation is not possible and there might be waiting time. We hold reservations until 15 minutes after the reserved time, so it is important to be on time.

Fill in the contact form or call us during office hours to make your reservation for a group of 10 or more.

Can I have sex at Banana bar?

No, we only offer erotic entertainment.

How does it work with drinks?

At Banana Club two drinks (beer/wine/soft drink) are included in the entrance price. You can buy more drinks or other drinks at the bar.

At Banana Bar 4 drinks are included in the entrance price. This also includes branded liquors and mixes. Check our entrance prices.

I lost my phone/wallet/jacket etc., did you find it?

Contact us and we will check the ‘lost and found’. The day after your visit, you can also ask at the door just before opening time.

How much is the entrance?

Check out the prices on our website.

Do you give a group discount?
Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts.
Can women visit Banana Bar as well?
Yes of course, everybody is welcome at Banana Bar and Banana Club!
Do you need new performers, can I work at Banana Bar?

Please contact us and send your motivation with photos. Minimum age is 21 and a valid passport or EU id-card are required.

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